Dispelling the Myths of Accounting in Small Business.

The Drunkie Method To Improving Your Coinage

    As it’s the start of Feb and we are well into 2024 it’s time to get your goals on track. Tune in for the tools you need to grow your business, get more profitable, and have more cash in the bank! PSA – Nominations are now open for the Drunkies! send your nominations […]

Tips for Avoiding Cyberattacks w’ Heather Smith

18/01/2024 BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE EPISODE We are back baby! Welcome to 2024, the boys are back in the pod studio, and what better way to start the year, than with Hype Girl for the accounting world Heather Smith! Today we are talking about the best ways to stay safe in the cyber world. BULLET […]

You May Be Liable For Workplace Harassment w Kevin Gilmore-Burrell

Tim & Danlow [3:45] Tim had a scare last week. Lewis wasn’t well and it ended up with an Ambulance trip. He is all okay now, but it gave Tim a reason to open up the Tesla to make it home in record time. Kevin has been Electric foil boarding in Brisbane Waters near the pool […]

Live from ABE – Setting your Businesses Vibes

Business Update [5:16] As always special Thanks to CATS Accountants for sponsoring our Business Update. CATS is hiring! If you are an intermediate or Senior Accountant, give us a call! Harvey’s Tight Ass Tip [6:50] Become a Uni Student! Discounts abound.  Main Topic [10:18] This week we have the live recording from Dan and Tim’s presentation at […]

Love your Business – By Loving Yourself w Jay Merrilees

Business Update [7:40] The RBA Governor is getting grilled; The interest rates have gone up again. Then we spiral into house prices, house prices are skyrocketing, and wages are not increasing. The people are struggling, right? On a lighter note, after last week’s episode, Anthony Campbell, Friend of the podcast has a business update, Adult* toys […]

Individual Tax – Basic Misconceptions

individual tax – basic misconceptions BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE EPISODE A lot is going on in today’s episode. least of which is our main topic. We are into the 2nd week of our Drunk Christmas in July. Dan is on the hunt for a co-host to join us at Xerocon whilst Tim is off living his […]

Commercial Properties w Michael Olivieri

16th November 2023 BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE EPISODE Today we chat all things buying commercial property with Michael Olivieri from Central Coast Buyers Agent. BULLET POINTS OF KEY TOPICS & CHAPTER MARKERS The main things you want to look for when purchasing a commercial property are: Other things to look out for based on the […]

The Super Guarantee Charge is a B*#%h!

We are fired up today, well Tim is, and Dan wants to be, but can’t muster the energy.Training for a half marathon is taking its toll, Tim is ready to celebrate Lewi’s first lap around the sun and the guys delve deep into the Super Guarantee Charge and why it’s such a b*#%h.If you have […]

Shutdown Complete

BULLET POINTS OF KEY TOPICS & CHAPTER MARKERs BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE EPISODE In today’s episode, we talk about shutdown routines, and why it’s so important to have one. It’s no secret, that we love Deep Work, By Cal Newport. We’ve talked about the concept and benefits of Deep Work, in a book nuggets episode […]