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Tips for Avoiding Cyberattacks w’ Heather Smith



We are back baby!

Welcome to 2024, the boys are back in the pod studio, and what better way to start the year, than with Hype Girl for the accounting world Heather Smith! Today we are talking about the best ways to stay safe in the cyber world.


  • Tim & Danlow [1:27] Dan is a bit rough; it’s been over a month since he has recorded, though he has had a blast on his holiday with Dad in NZ, climbing mountains and getting some fresh air followed up by some wholesome family fun over Christmas. Tim is still in reno mode, now building a ‘swing room’ in his garage, and almost lost his new Tesla charger from a delivery bungle, thankfully there is still kindness out there, and he was contacted to go pick it up. Heather enjoyed a beautiful Christmas holiday with her family and puppy at an Airbnb in Palm Beach. She’s also getting in early with a tight-ass tip for the new year!
  • Business Update [9:21] Thanks to CATS Accountants for Sponsoring our Business Update! Today’s update is a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. The beginning of a new year brings with it new challenges and chapters. So now is the time to revisit your business plan. See below links to past episodes devoted to Business Plans, how to make one what to include in one. You get the idea, go have a listen!
  • Tim’s Tight Ass Tip [10:46] We have a new type of tip. We’ve had the Time Ass Tip, The OG Tight Ass Tip, and now we have the Smart-Ass Tip. In the first of many Smart-Ass tips, we are doing the debate Triathlon V Marathon. Work Smarter not harder. More variety, less opportunity for injury and it sounds way cooler!
  • Main Topic [16:00] In our first episode of 2024, we are talking about cyber security and clickbait. There are some nasty scams on the loose at the moment. These phishing scams are getting harder to detect and now with AI and voice recognition, it’s easier than ever to become someone else over the phone or via email. Heather has written a great article about this, but the main points are:
    • Stay vigilant about phishing attempts and potential cyber threats.
    • Implement safety measures, from streamlining software updates to deploying secure password managers and cybersecurity systems.
    • Use device tracking solutions to locate and secure lost items!
  • Other Thing [36:20]
    • Tim is watching Boy Swallow’s Universe.
    • Heather is watching – Mr. Bates vs The Post Office. It sounds fantastic!
    • Dan is reading, The Year of the Locust by Terry Page.