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You May Be Liable For Workplace Harassment w Kevin Gilmore-Burrell


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Today we have Kevin Gilmore-Burrell, PHD researcher and solicitor from Empathyse to talk about a very serious and real issue affecting 1 in 10 workers. Kevin, who is a solicitor was always at the pointy end of these workplace harassment cases once they reached court, by which point the damage is done. Kevin wanted to be able to make a real change and to stop bullying before it became an issue. This is where Empathyse was born, we chat all things workplace bullying and how you as a director can be held personally liable. 


    • Tim & Danlow [3:45] Tim had a scare last week. Lewis wasn’t well and it ended up with an Ambulance trip. He is all okay now, but it gave Tim a reason to open up the Tesla to make it home in record time. Kevin has been Electric foil boarding in Brisbane Waters near the pool at Gosford, his goal is to get good enough to do it at Terrigal Beach.  For Dan life is good for Dan right now. Concerts, holidays, and the Christmas spirit is high. 
    • Tim’s Tight Ass Tip [12:29] Black Friday Sales hit again, this time with Blinkist – Blinkist: Best Book Summaries Listen to your fave books in a 3rd of the time! Tim read 3 books on Saturday morning, while Dan was napping. 
    • Main Topic [15:06] We are joined By Kevin Gilmore-Burrell from EmpathyseDid you know that Workplace Bullying costs over $50 billion in lost productivity within Australia annually? Yes, that’s Billion! Statistics suggest that every day, 1 in 10 workers are subject to workplace bullying or harassment. That means if you work in a team of 10 then data suggests someone in your team is likely the victim of workplace bullying or harassment – which is a highly confronting thought! What even constitutes workplace bullying? The legal terminology describes bullying as “Repeated unreasonable behaviour.”

The only surefire way to fix workplace bullying is to focus on stopping the behaviours before they escalate, and certainly don’t allow it to be repeated. Kevin gives the example that you wouldn’t allow someone to fall off a roof twice, would you?

The key is to look out for ‘Psychosocial Hazards’. These are defined as:

  • Conflict escalation.
  • Exclusion/Ignoring.
  • Not providing appropriate work conditions / resources
  • Psychosocial Hazards & what Business Owners can do the help prevent this.
  • Conflict escalation or Personal Conflict.This means; personalizing a critique or comment up to abusive language and even physical abuse.
  • How to stop/avoid this: give your team education around conflict resolution and understanding each other’s behaviours.
  • Discrimination – excluding someone for any reason.
  • Bring in positive behaviour.
  • Workplace Design Organisational Job design. Clearly designing the goals and objectives for the team so there is no confusion or ambiguity.
 Other Thing [40:36] Tim: The 5 am club! Book, listened to on Blinkist. A concert outside the Opera House -The War on Drugs. Dan: We have a new Sign! We are back in business IFYKYK. Kevin: – Wicked the Musical! Highly recommend.



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