Dispelling the Myths of Accounting in Small Business.

We are fired up today, well Tim is, and Dan wants to be, but can’t muster the energy.
Training for a half marathon is taking its toll, Tim is ready to celebrate Lewi’s first lap around the sun and the guys delve deep into the Super Guarantee Charge and why it’s such a b*#%h.
If you have employees or are a business owner and also an employee of your business this ep is for you. Now is the time to focus on superannuation. In the past, it’s never been high on anyone’s list, particularly if you are self-employed. That has all changed. You need to start paying super each time you pay wages, pay the super, even if it’s for you. The fee’s resulting in paying late are excessive, and whilst you’re at it, now is the time to also move the tax withholding amount into another account. Thats not your money, you will need to pay it either in your next BAS or IAS, so save it now. To stop the stress of trying to find it later.