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About Us

Tim and dan's purpose is to support, teach and grow.

Their time in accounting has spanned more than a decade each. When they started their careers MYOB was the major player in accounting software for Australian small businesses – which shows how much has changed since that time (the boys even downloaded client files off floppy disks back in those days!).

This is where the desire for change and doing something different came from, as they witnessed how things were when they started their careers supporting small business owners. They now run a small accounting firm of their own on the Central Coast of NSW and focus on enabling their clients to find a better balance of business and lifestyle through solving their pain points – which they refer to as the 3 big pains: Time, Money, Peace of Mind.

The Two Drunk Accountants was created as a way to bring entertainment and information in one pint sized podcast. Dan and Tim wanted to share their knowledge and experience with business owners globally, and bring a bit of banter and fun not usually associated with accounting and business. Years later the podcast now has almost 200 episodes and a global listenership with over 100,000 downloads. To continue this journey of support, teach and grow the guys are taking it up a notch in a bid to provide even more support for business owners via an online platform of courses and insights. Titled Two Drunk U (like University ‘U’ but for legal reasons not) it’s a cost effective way for small business owners to get the help and advice they need to find more Time, Money and Peace of Mind.

So subscribe now, join the community of lifestyle focused business owners winning their balance back and LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS.