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Love your Business – By Loving Yourself w Jay Merrilees


We are joined by the one and only Jay Merrilees, from Bullet Proof Leader, coincidently, we have managed to have Jay on the Pod around the same date for the last 3 years!
It’s this time of year that we need some help, and we would only trust Jay to help. Silly season is behind us, and we are talking about the fundamentals of looking after yourself and giving yourself some self-care. It’s a bit of a loose episode but stay with us. It’s well worth the listen.


    • Tim & Danlow [2:30] Tim is tired, in the deep throws of newborn life. Dan went to Love Lanes in Wyong. It was a vibe, live music, circus performers, rock climbing cool food. Check it out with the Fam. Jay is busy, his parents are here from the UK for a few months, and his eldest daughter has joined the RFS Juniors!
      • Business Update [7:40] The RBA Governor is getting grilled; The interest rates have gone up again. Then we spiral into house prices, house prices are skyrocketing, and wages are not increasing. The people are struggling, right?
    On a lighter note, after last week’s episode, Anthony Campbell, Friend of the podcast has a business update, Adult* toys can be tax deductible, so instead of a logbook for your car’s K’s you can have a flog book!
    • Tim’s Tight Ass Tip [18:25] Groceries, yes again, stay with us. Online Shopping! Convenient right? Make sure you do an inventory; 9/10 times something is missing. 
      • Main Topic [21:02] Loving yourself with Jay Merrilees. You’re bringing you with you, wherever you go. So how can you take care of yourself? You can try and compartmentalize the different aspects of your life; however, they will eventually bleed into one another. The walls will erode over time if you don’t look after yourself.
    It’s an old saying, but you need to fit your oxygen mask before fitting anyone else’s. 92% of your communication is through your actions, the last 8% is what you say. So, if you are out of alignment and are constantly pushing through to the next thing, then this chat is for you.
    A belief is just a thought that we repeat over and over again in our heads. So let’s change the narrative, let’s set the Framework, which is comprised of, Nutrition, Movement, and Sleep.
    Now, so as not to overwhelm yourself or go setting these high all-or-nothing goals. Pick 1 or 2 things. Maybe you want to get more quality sleep, maybe you want to add more movement to your day. Start small and build from there.
    If sleep is high on your list, think about how you start your day, or what you are doing before you go to sleep each night. Pre- and post-sleep activities will affect the actual sleep you get, it’s not about the number of hours, it’s the quality of it.
    Let’s take it a step further. If the framework are the fundamentals, then the elementals; Breathwork, Cold Exposure, Light Exposure, and Grounding or Nature Exposure are the brickwork we wrap the framework within.
    As one thing becomes part of your routine, then you can add another. We’ve tackled Sleep, now let’s look at movement or breathwork whichever you identify as more of a need to yourself.
    The main takeaway from this is to enjoy the journey, not the result. This is what your brain and body respond to. If you enjoy something you are more likely to continue to do it.
    • Other Thing [01:03] We are all about TV shows this week. Dan is finally finishing watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Tim is watching The Let-Down. If you’re a parent, this is for you. Meanwhile, Jay is rewatching Stranger Things. Special mention to Ted Lasso, if you are chasing the good feels this is for you.