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Shutdown Complete


In today’s episode, we talk about shutdown routines, and why it’s so important to have one.

It’s no secret, that we love Deep Work, By Cal Newport. We’ve talked about the concept and benefits of Deep Work, in a book nuggets episode last year. We know, we’ve been there, but we wanted to do a deep dive on Shutdown Routines.

Whether you work in an office, own a business, or work outdoors as a tradesman, having an effective shutdown routine can make all the difference to the end of your workday, and the ability to fully switch off, knowing you have done all the to-do’s and to-done’s. Allowing you to be fully present and engaged at home with your family or sitting down to watch the NBA and knit a scarf.


    • Tim & Danlow [1:48] Dan has had a ripper week. He went to see Sir Paul McCartney in Newcastle and took Mum as an early birthday gift, aww. Too bad she had a faux pas of attempting to film the whole thing. Tim is continuing the renovations at home, the Pond is getting a revamp, amongst some other general odds and ends. He is preparing the house for the annual CATS Accountants Christmas Bash.
    • Business Update [9:45] Client-to-agent linking. The ATO are further strengthening the security of their online services to help protect you and your clients against fraud and identity-related theft. From 13 November 2023, the client-to-agent linking process will apply to all types of entities with an ABN excluding sole traders.
    • Tim’s Tight Ass Tip [11:35] Get around the Marketplace. Tim has found Facebook Marketplace and the preverbal gold mine it can be!
    • Main Topic [14:31] Shutdown Routines, pulled from Deep Work, the guys dive deep into the concept of a Shutdown Ritual. Cal advocates for a defined process that helps you transition from your workday to your other responsibilities. “When you work, you work hard, and when you’re done, you can be done.

    • Other Thing [29:25] Dan’s other thing is Paul McCartney merch, a Denim jacket, at $350 he didn’t buy it but he did invest in a T-shirt and a poster. Tim is rereading Atomic Habits in prep for The Accounting Business Expo in a few weeks.